Your Settlement to Cash Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and keeping your information private is of the utmost concern to us. On our website, we may collect information to learn more about your particular case. Below we’ll share with you how we collect information, how we may use it, and whom it may be shared with.

What Type of Information We Collect and From Whom

On our website, we only collect information that is pertinent to helping you sell your structured settlement. For instance, we may ask how much of a balance is owed to you, how often payments are made and how much those payments are. The information we collect is collected either through email, by phone, through mail, or by way of our website form. All information we collect about you will come from you. We do not use any third party data collection sources.

How Is Your Information Used

The information that we collect from you is for the sole purpose of purchasing your structured settlement. Therefore, the information will be used in this way. The information provided will be used to determine the value of your structured settlement and execute the sale of said settlement if an agreement is made.

How Is Information Shared or Disclosed

Your personal information stays confidential. We will not share your information with any third party without your express permission. All personal information may be shared in house with members of our team, but will never leave our offices unless expressly specified.

When Your Information May Be Shared

When we come up with an agreement to purchase your settlement we may purchase it as a company or an investor may be interested. If an investor purchases your settlement, your information may need to be shared with that investor. In this case, we would act as an aggregator and ask you for permission to share your information. If you do not give permission, your information will not be shared nor disclosed.

How Is Your Information Kept Confidential

All information collected through our website will be stored on our in house servers. All information servers are secure and safe. Your information will not be accessible by anyone outside of our company.