Benefits of Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

Structured settlements are pretty interesting. You’ve won a personal injury case or were awarded a settlement for other reasons. Because the settlement was so large, payments had to be split up over time. So, your settlement quickly became a structured settlement for which you’d receive monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments.

If you watch TV, listen to the radio, read magazines, or pay attention to any other form of media, chances are you’ve come across an ad about selling structured settlements. When you came across that ad, what did you think? Did you consider selling your settlement? The simple fact is that the process of selling structured settlements has become so popular because there are tons of benefits. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy if make the decision to sell your structured settlement.

Benefits of Selling Your Settlement

Benefit #1: Get The Cash You Deserve NOW! – Being a structured settlement payment recipient can definitely be frustrating. You know you’ve got a good amount of money coming to you, but you have to settle for small payments here and there. By selling your structured settlement payments, you’ll receive a large lump sum of cash now instead of having to wait years to receive all of your structured payments.

Benefit #2: Financial Freedom – Once you turn your structured settlement payments into one large lump sum of cash, it will open several doors for you on a financial level. The lump sum you receive could clear the way for you to build a solid foundation financially. Here are some ways selling your settlement payments can help you achieve financial freedom…

  • Pay Off Past Due Debt – Many people are still struggling with overwhelming debt built up during the financial recession of 2008. Others have medical and credit card debts caused by injuries and time off of work. The simple fact is, for tons of people debt is simply a way of life. If you’re overwhelmed by debt, selling your structured settlement payments could be a great way to finally pay your debts off and start fresh!

  • Invest In You – You are your greatest asset. You will make everything that happens in your life happen. If you’re like most people, you also dream of business ownership. You dream of turning your great ideas into dollars! Unfortunately, starting a business isn’t free. Getting your business rolling could cost tens of thousands of dollars by the time you factor merchandise, payroll, rent, and more into the equation. Selling your structured settlement payments could give you the money you need to build your dream business!

  • Buy A House – If you rent a home or an apartment, you’re not getting any long term benefit from the payments you’re making. However, when you buy a house, you own that house for the long haul. That’s why a huge part of the American Dream is homeownership. If you dream of becoming a home owner, selling your structured settlement payments could get you the cash you need to make that dream come true!

Benefit #3: Relaxation – When you sell your structured settlement payments, you’ll have the money to pay past due debts, invest in yourself, and take care of things you’ve wanted to for years. Being able to do this will definitely take weight off of your shoulders and give you the ability to finally relax. Once financial worries are gone, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. Here are a few simple stats…

  • Financial Disputes are the #1 Cause of Divorce in The United States – If you think financial problems are strictly that, financial, you’re wrong! The harsh reality is that when we are unhappy financially, other aspects of our lives often suffer.

  • Those Significantly In Debt Report More Health Problems – There have been several studies that link your financial well-being with your overall health. These studies show that consumers facing the incredible stress of overwhelming debt are more likely to also face major health conditions. Considering the effects of stress on the human heart, this should come as no surprise.

  • Financial Stress Causes Increased Irritability And Lack Of Self Worth – Other studies have shown that consumers facing extreme financial stress tend to be more irritable than those with no financial stress. They also tend to value themselves less than others. As a result, productivity at work tends to slip, and relationships simply don’t seem as bright as they once were.

If you thought selling your structured settlement payments was all about the money, you thought wrong. Selling your payments will give you the money you need to alleviate stress. Alleviating that stress will make you a happier, healthier person overall!

Final Thoughts

There are tons of benefits associated with selling your structured settlement payments. When thinking about selling your payments, it’s important to think not just about financial aspects of the sale, but how the financial change will affect your lifestyle and your health!